Sunday Matinee 2022 Fundraiser

If you have been enjoying Sunday Matinee each week during the past year, please consider supporting the show and the station that makes it possible!

We are subject to the pandemic restrictions set forth by our University, but as long as we’ve been allowed into the station facilities, I have strived to be in the studio to present Sunday Matinee as a ‘live’ show. I value the opportunity to talk to you by taking phone calls and requests during each show.

You’ve also had the opportunity to hear a lot of theme shows on Sunday Matinee in the last year! Some have been pre-recorded, but the live shows are fun when I get your input to help shape the playlist.

Consider how much joy we bring you each week, with a chance to sing along to your favorite theater selections and learn about other shows you’ve never heard of. Your generous donation will help us continue our efforts to improve our air signal and digitize more music for use in-studio and for better shows!

Let’s keep singing and dancing in 2022! Thank you for your support!

David Caban, “Sunday Matinee”

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The goal is to endow a portion of these funds raised so that WRUW can maximize your support.
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