Welcome to the 2024 WRUW Telethon!

2 shot glasses

For celebrating! Or whatever you need

2024 DJ Squirrel Long Sleeve

Squirrels in the DJ booth? Nuts!

2024 Songbird Sweater

Birds aren’t real, like us

2024 Tower Shirt

15,000 watts: that’s a lot of hamster wheels
Available in ladies cut!

2024 Trash Panda Shirt

The R in WRUW does not stand for rabies

Cat Pack

We’ve looked at cats 😻

Dog Pack

Everything your furry friend needs other than you

The goal is to endow a portion of these funds raised so that WRUW can maximize your support.
Trucker Hat

ten-four ninety-one-point-one


For blocking out the rain AND the haters

Vintage Logo Pint Glass Set

Perfect for your whiskey drink, vodka drink, lager drink, and cider drink


Donate to the station without receiving any premiums. Thank you for your support!


Wear ’em for work, church, weddings, funerals, you name it!

Pint Glass

A classic, the WRUW pint glass. Beer maybe included. Click for details!

Tiki Glass

The tiki glass is back while supplies last.

Metal Tumbler

Of course its coffee, why do you ask?