Donate to the 2021 WRUW-FM Telethon!

Treasure Trove Radio – 2021 Telethon!

If you love that guitar-styled music and getting a chance to hear local and once-touring artists on your FM radio dial, I encourage you to pledge your support to Treasure Trove Radio and WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland! There is a ton of great swag this year, all available to you with a simple donation!

Donate because you love hearing local music on the airwaves, where it belongs!

Donate because you love hearing music hand-picked by humans and not algorithms!

Donate because you tune in online and over the air!

In the past, your donations have been used to put on fests and shows that spotlight and celebrate Northeast Ohio’s fantastic music scene. Though we couldn’t bring you that kind of coverage last year, you’ve helped us to upgrade our remote broadcasting capabilities, and allow for live, multitrack mixing for optimum sound. We would not have been able to grow our live brand without your support, and your future donations will insure that we can get back to rockin’ all around Cleveland when we can!

Not only do we get carte blanche over our massive music library, we’re given full freedom to play whatever we want! If we want to follow up The Clash with Sun Ra, we can do it! I can guarantee you no streaming service algorithm is gonna puke out a 1-2 punch like that! Not just that, but your donations don’t line our pockets! We do this for free, as volunteers, because we love it! Telethon money, in part, goes into building up our music archives. Every week, in addition to new releases, we get plenty of CDs and records to add to our collection. Many of these releases are NOT available on streaming services. In addition to being a radio station, we also act as a museum and library in this way.

Maybe you listen over the air out in Lorain or Lake Counties. You can do this because, with your donations, we were able to increase our wattage to 15,000. That’s more powerful than even some of the corporate-owned powerhouses in the market! Likewise, you might listen to us online, or catch up with old shows in our archives. Again, your donations and support helped us to build out all of our servers and streaming capabilities. That’s truly come into play this past year as we’ve had to adapt quickly to stay-at-home orders, and station staff worked tirelessly to allow for at-home recording and preparation of shows, as well as an automation system for when we couldn’t staff a timeslot. I should clarify, you haven’t heard automation like ours. It’s not a narrow selection of 100 or so classic rock hits, but a wide-ranging freeform extravaganza celebrating our famous tagline, “More Music, Fewer Hits.”

I will also be hosting a special college-radio themed trivia night filled with music nerds, shenanigans, and of course… prizes! The event will be hosted in a private Zoom and we will let you and your team connect via breakout rooms throughout the game. Rounds will be hosted by myself and Rachel H of Guilty Pleasures and Live From Cleveland, as well as some very awesome guests! If you donate BEFORE April 6 before 5 p.m. to either my fundraising page or the Guilty Pleasures donation page, you are eligible to receive the sign in code and play with a team. Please email Rachel at [email protected] to get the code AFTER you have donated. RSVP and invite other members of your team here. This is an AWESOME way to meet other WRUW lovers and see how your music knowledge stacks up!


Donate to the station without receiving any premiums. Thank you for your support!

2021 Zippered Hoodie

This year’s hoodie design. Now with a zipper!

2021 T-Shirt

Get the 2021 limited edition telethon t-shirt!

2021 Cat Shirt

WRUW. It’s the cat’s meow.

2021 Baseball Tee

Cover 3/4 of your arms!

2021 T-Shirt 3.5 Pack

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New for this year, socks! They’re for your feet.

Face mask

Wear a mask. Save lives.


The 2021 edition beanie, complete with pom.

Pint Glass

A classic, the WRUW pint glass. Beer not included, this year.

Tiki Glass

Due to popular demand, the tiki glass is back!

Metal Tumbler

Great for keeping your coffee warm on your daily commute from your bed to your desk.


It’s a mug. For hot beverages.


The WRUW lunchbox. You can store food in it.