Donate to “Specific From the Pacific”

It is telethon time! You can donate and see our premiums at various donation levels below or by calling 216-368-2208.

Help support the only fully Japanese show on the station that features brand-new releases from those both well-known and and up-and-comers in every genre!

Every show playlist features notes, links to music videos, and the titles are entered in Romaji with the other three alphabets and translations included in the notes online for every show.

Your DJ is very sick this weekend (hospital sick unfortunately), so we’re airing last week’s show but will return to normal next week. This is show is prerecorded so anyone who donates will get a shoutout and thanks for their donation on the next show! Don’t think it goes unnoticed and I will express my gratitude to those who donated on a brand new show next week!


Donate to the station without receiving any premiums. Thank you for your support!

2021 Zippered Hoodie

This year’s hoodie design. Now with a zipper!

2021 T-Shirt

Get the 2021 limited edition telethon t-shirt!

2021 Cat Shirt

WRUW. It’s the cat’s meow.

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2021 T-Shirt 3.5 Pack

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New for this year, socks! They’re for your feet.

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The 2021 edition beanie, complete with pom.

Pint Glass

A classic, the WRUW pint glass. Beer not included, this year.

Tiki Glass

Due to popular demand, the tiki glass is back!

Metal Tumbler

Great for keeping your coffee warm on your daily commute from your bed to your desk.


It’s a mug. For hot beverages.


The WRUW lunchbox. You can store food in it.