Telethon 2018

Telethon is the one time of the year that we at WRUW-FM ask you, our listeners, for a monetary contribution in order to help us run our non-profit, college radio outlet, all year ‘round. Come join the thousands of listeners who have supported the growth of Cleveland's best alternative radio!

Your gift goes directly to improving our sound quality, music library and concerts.  As thanks for your donation, we'll send you one or more WRUW-FM logo items or a music sampler that reflects our diverse programming.

You can see a list of this year's WRUW-FM logo items at this page and a partial list of music premiums at this page.

Some of your favorite shows have their own pages and goals!


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I cannot wait til Saturday!  That's the day I get to let loose and go crazy by playing all my/your favorite songs and I get to hear from a whole bunch of you that LOVE and SUPPORT this nutty college/community radio station that we have here in Cleveland, Ohio. WRUW-FM 91.1

It gives me hope to know that so many of you understand how important it is to keep human-operated terrestrial radio going.  No algorithms or robotic playlists.  It's a bunch of people of all ages who LOVE music and want to share with you some of the great bands, songs, pieces of aural art, that they have stumbled upon.

I am hoping to raise FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS this year!  Help me make that happen!!

Please, donate now online (be sure to select stonecoldbikini) or wait until the telethon show THIS SATURDAY and call in between 9-11am to donate or pledge. 216.368.2208

Either way works and we have some fab WRUW gifts to thank you with for your donation.  My favorite one this year is the WRUW Bluetooth speaker!  So perfect for those of you who listen on yr computer or phone.

xoxo Christine

Hi! If you've ever listened to  my show before, you know Friend Hospital is my FAVORITE part of the week.

WRUW is a one-of-a-kind radio station in the CLE area. For some it is a creative outlet, for others a collective of collaborative and connected people that are dedicated to bringing you great music, and for me personally, it is a home away from home. 

We are committed to providing programming as diverse and great as those who consume it: you guys, our listeners.

So please, support us by donating now online (select Friend Hospital) or wait until the telethon show THIS SUNDAY and call between 6-8 am to donate or pledge. 216.368.2208


Hey all!

Thank you for stopping by the 2018 Radio Children Telethon Fundraising Page! 

Telethon is happening now! This is the one time of the year I will be asking for your support so that we can  continue to do what we do every weekend on Radio Children here on WRUW FM 91.1 Cleveland.

I am asking you to donate to support college radio and all the things we do for you. For those of you working the third shift grind-- we keep you company and keep your ears happy. Commuting at 6 in the morning? We are there serendaing your ears. And most importantly, my Saturday night metal heads, everyone gets their weekly headbanging workout  listening to Radio Children from 12a-2a. 

Radio Children is unique in that we play all genres of metal. Each week is different and we are always bringing you new, heavy, and killer metal! 

Now you can return the favor by clicking that big DONTATE button and taking that nice tax refund and putting a little bit towards the station that makes your life better WRUW. 

And there are tons of thank you gifts! Check um out!

Hello welcome to the second A Different Drum Telethon!!!

Telethon is WRUW's annual fundraiser that provides 60% of our annual budget. We use this money to keep the station's equiment up to date. As someone who often pre-records interviews this money essential to what I do. With WRUW I've gotten the opportunity to interview world class musicians like Daymé Arocena, Raul Midón, and more. 

Hey all Telethon 2018 is here! Time to give to your favorite college radio station.

Help support your favorite college radio station and the preservation and growth of your favorite garage rock show Accidental Realism!!

This is my 1st WRUW Telethon and I am not asking for much for my monetary goal of $300. Help me reach my goal to help the station maintain our repairs, purchase music and to purchase replacements of equipment. 

Classical? Jazz? Indie? Rock? You never know what you're going to hear when you tune in from 4-6 in the morning on Sundays with Aladdin Airwaves!

hey y'all we're all just trying our best, aren't we?

Do you enjoy the fact that you get to hear things on WRUW like, for instance, obscure import metal from Europe?  It's pretty cool, but I guess I'm biased.  If you're like me, though, and you like the diversity of music genres and music eras, please consider donating to WRUW's yearly Telethon!  Donations from precious listeners like yourself are what keep this volunteer-run radio station improving your listening experience.

The money isn't going to line the pockets of programmers or executives or anything like that.  It has paid for things like better sound equipment, the ability to go to various events in Cleveland and broadcast live onsite, music album acquisitions, and an empowered air signal.

We appreciate any amount you're willing to give.  This is the only week we'll be hassling you!  All of us volunteers here at WRUW love bringing you the very best in diverse music and talk offerings, and we hope you love us, too!  Monetarily, if possible, since we're no longer allowed to accept listener backrubs.

For 16 years I have been privileged to host the Irish Radio program "Beyond the Pale" on WRUW FM 91.1. The show airs every Sunday afternoon form 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (EST) and is also broadcast and archived via the Internet at

WRUW is a non-profit, non-commercial radio station owned and operated by Case Western Reserve University and staffed by volunteers. As a student operated organization the University provides funding for our day to day operations, i.e., building, utilities, insurance, etc., etc. Approximately fifty percent of our annual budget is raised, when once a year, we ask our friends and listeners to support our efforts. Yes, it is your tax deductible generosity that allows WRUW to purchase new, state of art equipment, to play the music you enjoy. In 48 years, your generosity, has taken us from 10 watts of broadcast power to one of Ohio's finest college radio stations at 15,000 watts. All made possible as a direct result of the generosity of people like you, and our dedicated staff of volunteers.

This is the time we turn to you for support. This is the one week each year we turn to our friends and ask your financial support. We ask for your generous support of non-commercial Irish music on Cleveland's airwaves. I ask your support for Beyond the Pale Irish Radio, on WRUW. The Telethon began last Monday and continues through Sunday, April 22.

There are 2 easy ways to contribute; you can pick up the phone and dial 216-368-2208; (show Beyond the Pale) or log on to our safe secure web site:

There you can view the logo premiums available. If you call in your pledge you have the option to select available music premiums. Our small way of saying thank you for your support of WRUW and Irish music.

If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call at 261-235-1551.

Your generosity and support are sincerely appreciated.

All the best,
Roger S. Weist
Beyond the Pale

WRUW FM 91.1
Cleveland, Ohio

Join me in celebrating our history, the present, and future aspirations as countries of the CARIbbean, BELize and LAtin America!  We air live every Saturday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm on WRUW FM 91.1 Cleveland to bring you news from the Caribbean, Belize and Latin America!  We cover music of the region, help you to discover, to tour and enjoy a taste of these beautiful countries that help to make up the diaspora.  Operating out of Cleveland via College Radio has been a dream come through for me who LOVED Radio from the tender age of 3 and I am excited to share this energy with you.  Help me to make this fundraising a reality by participating and donating during our telethon week April 16-20, 2018. Your support is important to us as we provide new and innovative programming, upgrade Production and Studio Equipment, bring you LIVE Broadcast Events and Much Love from the Heart of Cleveland!!!! Thanking you so much,  

Vincent Pauline Perez, Community Member and Programmer

Wanna support the station that keeps girl bands and femme-fronted everything rocking your Tuesday commute? Donate to WRUW through Cat Fight! We rely on you, our listeners, to keep amazing music playing 24/7, every day of the year. Your donation updates our studio, brings in hot new tracks, and allows us to replace scratched up old vinyl from the days of yore.

In addition to all that, your contribution could bring you totally amazing WRUW swag. Your donation could get you an exclusive WRUW tee shirt, mug, and more. With that stuff on hand, everyone will know that you're one cool cat!

Donate to WRUW's Telethon in the name of Chakra Couch!! We rely on your donations and appreciate any small amount you're willing to give. With your help, we can keep the station running smoothly, get some nice new couches, and keep our chakras aligned. 

~Heather & Jahlyn

please donate now! we could really use to update the equipment in this picture.  and i'll pay for a better haircut myself, thanks!


Hey everybody, I'm hoping you can remember good old Neal during the telethon edition of Dare Waves on Wed April 18, from 5:00PM - 7:30PM

This year we have many NEW premiums to thank you with, when you donate to Dare Waves, including new T-shrit designs, Tiki Mugs, and a USB speaker.

Also, for the highest credit card donation I get called in during Dare Waves, in addition to all the WRUW premiums, Neal will add on a $25 gift certificate to Blue Arrow Records in the Waterloo neighborhood!

Dare Waves is a long running show, and Neal loves putting the work into his show every week for your listening pleasure.  Neal also gives away tickets for live shows at clubs all over town, as well as movie tickets and other goodies. If you appreciate all these ticket giveaways Neal Dare Waves does, or you just like listening to Dare Waves in general, please consider donating to Dare Waves on WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland on Wed April 18, between 5pm and 730pm.

Please support diversified, inc.

Support WRUW (in its 51st year) and "Down by the Cuyahoga" (in its 44th year).  Our once-a-year on-air fundraiser (telethon) is now!  Pledge online via this link, or call 216-368-2208.  Keep non-commercial radio strong.


You may find yourself, listening to college radio

And you may find yourself listening to ERiE Effusion on 91.1FM

And you may find yourself in a beautiful house

With a beautiful wife, and you may ask yourself

how do I support this beautiful radio station ? 

In this beautiful world ? It's  a beautiful world 

-------------------Donate ! 

My name is Bridget D Ginley. I am DJ BG. I have been on air at WRUW 91.1FM since 2006 spinning classic vinyl underground 80's alternative music. Due to the amazing vinyl library kept intact over 50+ years, I am able to play many classic tracks out of print or unavailable versions. Often I spin new music from 80's artists, remixes, remasters, new wave, punk rock, Brit pop, soundtracks, compilations. 

Join in the chant and support non- commercial radio ! 

The 2018 WRUW Telethon is running from April 16 - April 22, and it's the one time of the year for you to show your support for your FAVORITE radio station in town! Your support is crucial to our excellence as a source of new music, live music, and community engagement, so please donate now!  

This is the 20th year of Exploding Plastic Inevitable and its freeform zaniness. I hope that you'll help the show meet its goal of $1000 and support WRUW while you do it. 


Thank you, loyal listeners. We can't do it without you!

Support Fat Monday during the WRUW-FM Telethon and keep bringing the music of New Orleans to the Cleveland airwaves!

Hello Friends! I'm back this year for Guilty Pleasure's 8th Telethon! Every year we continue to do better and better towards our station goals thanks to YOU the listeners and our amazing support system. We have some wonderful NEW premiums picked out as thank-you's this year at EVERY donation level and I'll get to all of those goodies in a minute... but let me tell you about a few of the great things we were able to accomplish in 2017-2018 with your contributions:

- We started our own YouTube channel! That's right... now you can stream and watch archived performances from our Live From Cleveland bands, Studio-A-Rama, and Live From Lakewood from the comfort of home and the quality of these videos just keeps getting better and better. Check it out: 

- We were able to GIVE AWAY more tickets than ever before to more venues than in the past, including new additions such as Bop Stop, The Kent Stage, Now That's Class and Mahall's 20 Lanes. We gave away close to 200 pairs of tickets this year alone.

- I started my own Spoitify channel where you can listen to the "Best Of" Guilty Pleasures playlists by month. Many people asked for this as a way to more easily save and discover new artists that they liked on my show. Thanks for that suggestion! I hope you utilize these playlists and like what they have to offer:

I suggest donating at the $100 level for a weekend's worth of T-shirts! Our two NEW designs are both awesome and come in black (my favorite color). One features a racoon design and the other a vintage WRUW logo. We throw you a bonus tee for free at this level!

We have brand new tiki glasses in bright orange with a robot head logo on the back at the $25 level, brand new this year! New thermoses are also available at the $75 level and if you're like me, you can't function without either coffee or a Polynesian drink in hand. 

There are also plenty of music premiums that I recommend for the $40 level & $60 level for callers ONLY. So I recommend putting aside a little extra to give me a call on Saturday night before you get your party started! 216-368-2208 is the number to call to pledge for any of these music premiums

Alice Bag- "Blueprint" via Don Giovanni 

The Breeders- "All Nerve" via 4AD

Lucy Dacus- "Historian" via Matador ** Really Good

HINDS- "I Don't Run" via Mom + Pop

Screaming Females- "All At Once" via Don Giovanni ** Really Good

tUnE-yArDs- "I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life" via 4AD ** Really Good

U.S. Girls- "In A Poem Unlimited" via 4AD ** Really Good

Yo La Tengo- "There's A Riot Going On" via Matador


-- Rachel H. 

Help your favorite college radio station WRUW stay in the groove in 2018 by donating during Telethon, our one and only fundraiser!!!

On Friday, April 20th from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., call (216) 368-2208 to support Innominate's creepy/geeky/dancey/dreamy telethon!  Or click "Donate" to support anytime!  Thanks!

Thursday nights from 8 o'clock until 10 on WRUW-FM/91.1, Cleveland; online from anywhere in the world at We spin for you country music; roots and branches--and sometimes we go out on a limb!

If you like what you hear here, please support our efforts by contributing via this site or calling 216-368-2208 during Telethon Week.

All the funds go toward upgrading and updating our broadcasting equipment and purchasing new music for your listening pleasure.

THANK YOU for your support!

Sooooo glad you are tuned in and turned on to WRUW! Your support for "Lend Me Your Ear" is just a few more clicks away. From my ears to my brain through my heart and soul I say, THANK YOU!!!                                                                                                                                        Jaystone


We are Live from Cleveland! We're one of the most active shows on WRUW and are asking for your donations to keep presenting LIVE MUSIC on Cleveland's airwaves.

With your donation we'll be able to broadcast more bands from more venues. We're an all volunteer staff, so please make a donation by clicking the link above.

Rock On!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Telethon Donation page. 

This is my first telethon here at WRUW and i'm excited to be a part of keeping it the best college radio station ever. You guys are the reason we have our top tier equiptment and our impressive 15,000 watts. Hit me up with a donation and I will be thankful for life. 


Welcome to the 2018 WRUW Telethon and the donation page for Not Your Grandmother's Classical Music! Thank you in advance for your generous contribution to the station and your support of this radio program.


~ Eric Charnofsky

Your generous pledge supports diverse, quality programming, broadcasting 24 hours a Passport Radio: The finest in Downbeat & Dub music!

With your support, a non-profit like WRUW can afford* to air commercial free, 24 hours a day-365 days a year, present live remote broadcasts, upgrade online streaming, develop a new mobile app, and of course, address all the necessary technical upgrades that a 15,000 watt station requires. *60% of the WRUW budget is raised during our yearly telethon