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Telethon is the one time of the year that we at WRUW-FM ask you, our listeners, for a monetary contribution in order to help us run our non-profit, college radio outlet, all year ‘round. Come join the thousands of listeners who have supported the growth of Cleveland's best alternative radio!

Your gift goes directly to improving our sound quality, music library and concerts.  As thanks for your donation, we'll send you one or more WRUW-FM logo items or a music sampler that reflects our diverse programming.

You can see a list of this year's WRUW-FM logo items at this page and a partial list of music premiums at this page.

Some of your favorite shows have their own pages and goals!


Received of $65,000.00

816 Donations

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    Hey Genevieve! Happy Radio Anniversary!
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    different drum, good show
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    I've been listening to WRUW since 1983. Thank for 12409 days of great music.
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    wruw - One of Northeast Ohio's most under-rated assets!!!
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    Thanks to Ivy's red sweater for the great tunes.
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    Timothy Keefe

46 Fundraisers

It's time for the annual WRUW telethon. This once a year week long fundraiser accounts for 60% of our budget. It enables us to keep the station up to date and lets us expand to further our role in the community. It's currently our 50th anniversary, and my first telethon. My show is built around interviews with local and international artists, like Grammy winner Maz Maher of Snarky Puppy, and legendary jazz vibraphonist Mike Mainieri who has played on over 100 gold or platinum selling albums. These interviews wouldn't be possible without your telethon donations, which were responsible for the creation of the secondary air studio that I use to record most of my interviews. All donations are tax deductible. Some of the artists I've interviewed such as Mike Mainieri, Fresh Produce, Warren Burnett, and Renascence, donated their CDs to be used as 50$ telethon premiums. Help support left of the dial programming and give to WRUW today.

Matt Hooke

It's the 17th annual WRUW stonecoldbikini radio telethon and I am asking my friends for money?  Really?

No...wait... What I am really asking is for my friends to help support independent radio. To support COMMUNITY RADIO...  COLLEGE RADIO... WRUW FM 91.1

I know, I know... "Is radio important or even relevant?"   Sure, we can use things like Spotify, Pandora, Youtube. But when we do, we are rarely surprised or given the gift of a new favorite song.

At WRUW, music is put together with a heart and brain connection. Volunteer programmers, HUNDREDS of them, work to share music with the radio listener that an online service can NEVER do. 

Remember how we used to make mixed tapes to express things we couldn't express with words. We had to share songs.
THAT is what I have been doing for 17 years at WRUW. Every week I work on a two hour mixed tape to share with you.

I want to raise $6000 for the stonecoldbikini rock&roll radio telethon show, Saturday April 22, from 9-11am.

With your help we can do it.

There are lots of wonderful thank you gifts for your donations including 50TH ANNIVERSARY T-SHIRTS.

Please donate NOW and help make $6,000 happen...
and maybe more importantly, tune in that day at 91.1 fm or online at
and enjoy the rock&roll radio craziness that is the stonecoldbikini telethon show!  




This man "really" needs you help and support!

                Beyond the Pale Radio

                           with host Roger S. Weist

For over 15 years Roger Weist has brought you Irish music every Sunday afternoon on WRUW FM 91.1 Once a year he, and WRUW ask your support for commercial free, college radio. Our all volunteer air staff ask you to make your donation to help WRUW maintain our quality standards for broadcast excellenece.

Please, join our family and make your contribution today! Remember, your support goes a long way to continued improvement of our air signal, equipment, and music collection. 

Please make your tax deductable donation(to the limit allowed by law). If you like, there is valuable 50th Anniversary WRUW swag to select from as our way of saying thank you. Maybe you have a matching donation program where you work. (We're shameless :-))

Roger and WRUW sincerely thank you for your support.

On "C'est La Mode" I have the distinct pleasure and honor of bringing you eclectic tunes from the 1960s and early '70s. Deep cuts of Motown, British Invasion, Girl Groups, French Ye-Ye Pop, Mod, Brit Girls and more. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting commercial-free college radio!  Thank You!

Hi Friends!

It's the time of year when the station I volunteer at, WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland. holds it's annual pledge drive.  Specifically, between April 17th to April 23rd.

My personal goal is to raise $4000 toward the station goal of $65000!!

My radio program on WRUW is Chasing Infinity, often referred to by me as The Chasing Infinity Radio Program.  This is my 14th year on the air, broadcasting my show live from 8 to 10a every Sunday morning.  

I always tell listeners and friends that i could very easily just sit in my basement and play records for myself on Sunday morning and sleep in a little, but it's way more fun to assemble a playlist every week of music familiar and unfamiliar to see if i can get one person interested in at least one of the songs i play in a two hour period.  there's no pay and no feedback, but i hope i am providing a service.

During our pledge drive, it's the ONLY time i get any feedback on what i do during my show, and what we all do at the station.  Can you give me that feedback in the form of a donation?  

Help WRUW-FM celebrate our 50th anniversary by contributing to this year's annual fundraiser, and bringing home some sweet WRUW-FM logo swag featuring our 50th anniversary logo. These donations go mainly toward updating or purchasing needed broadcast and computer equipment, obtaining new music of all kinds, and putting on special concerts and events for listeners.

Admittedly, with streaming and personal playlists dominating the listening landscape, not as many listeners depend on college radio as had in the past.  Which is why we need your help and attention more than ever!  So please consider donating to the WRUW annual fundrasing telethon, won't you?  Thanks so much!!

As WRUW-FM 91.1 turns 50 years old in 2017, this year's telethon is poised to be bigger and better than ever. Please consider donating anytime to this incredible Cleveland radio institution, and give back to the home of the Defend Cleveland Show and so many other great programs that make 91.1 FM, without a doubt, the best station left on the dial. It's radio that's good for your earholes all year long and it's looking for your support during this very important time of year. It's time for the 2017 WRUW-FM 91.1 Telethon, how much can you give? 

Do you like jazz?  WRUW-FM/91.1, the voice of Case Western Reserve University, has been featuring jazz music on its eclectic menu of alternative programming you won't find anywhere else in Cleveland.

2017 is the 50th year that WRUW has been on the air - we're celebrating our 50th birthday all year long!

Why not send WRUW a birthday gift?  Pledge via this page if you would like a WRUW-themed premium, or call 216-368-2208 to pledge if you're interested in a premium of music.

Our once-a-year on-air fundraiser (we call it a "telethon") lasts through Sunday, April 23, so pledge now!

Join in the chant and let's raise funds - donate now 

PLease donate to Erie Wax on WRUW-FM!  Freeform radio.

It's Telethon time again!  It's the one time of year that we at WRUW ask you, our listeners and friends, to donate and support the radio station that we all love.  Help us celebrate our 50th year with the biggest and best telethon yet!  (And help the Exploding Plastic Inevitable celebrate its 19th year on-air!!)  

Donate online now or anytime in April, or give us a call at 216-368-2208 (between April 17th-23rd) to show your support for the station!  As always, we've got plenty of fabulous ways to thank you, from WRUW logo items to awesome music

Hi folks!

Every year WRUW-FM takes one week to ask for your support for our programming.  Every dollar you give goes directly to improving our air signal, expanding our music library and putting on our live shows.

I hope you'll take a moment to support Fat Monday, music of New Orleans and beyond.  NOLA is a  live music city with its own sound, which I bring to you each week.  This is music you can't hear anywhere else in Cleveland, and is an example of the one-of-a-kind programming that makes WRUW-FM an asset in our community.  It's worth supporting!

As thanks for your gift, you can select one of many WRUW logo items, some featuring our 50th anniversary logo.

Help support WRUW-FM play music from New Orleans, the bayous and Beyond with a donation to this year's Telethon!

Forged in countless hours of making funny faces in the mirror and narrating inane stories to no one in particular, the Fox-Crow Variety Show is a blend of original sketches, radio drama, in-studio guests and performers, and a general appreciation of all that Cleveland has to offer. Join The Kilt Guy on Saturdays 4:00pm-6:00pm here on WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland for a gutsy yet cerebral and heartfelt romp.

We've had guests on every show for the last few months. Your pledges make diverse, engaging programming possible.

Thank you for supporting independent radio.

By listening to this show you can learn about some of the awesome music that you never knew was such a big part popular music today, about the *MAGIC AND WIZARDRY* that producers of hip hop, pop, electronic and whatever else you might listen to put into building their songs, AND about the insane amount of diversity of sound in the music that you listen to all the time.

Thank you for your support!

Tired of Kanye? Had it up to here with the same set of artists and traditonal programming you get at all the commercial radio stations? Support arguably the best and my favorite independent radio station, WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland. With your support we can keep delivering "more music, fewer hits" and great quality programming -365 days, 24/7 a year. Don't wait and help by donating to WRUW's Telethon!


Indie rock, electro-pop, and the guiltiest pleasures all coalesce on Saturday nights. Continue reading for a suggested list of 2018 premiums by Rachel H. & pledge today! I genuinely appreciate my listeners' loyalty and continued support throughout the 8 years I've been programming on the left side of the dial. This is the one time of year that we ask for your help and in return we'll give you some sweet ways to rock WRUW.

Tune in tonight!

XOXO -- DJ Rachel H. 


Creepy, geeky, dancey, dreamy telethon!!

Do you love my show?  Show me how much.  Come on. Donate.  Please.

It's our annual telethon!

If you enjoy listening to Laying Down Tracks as we present "Country Music; roots and branches--and sometimes we go out on a limb," please show your support for LDT and WRUW! Our all-volunteer staff is on duty 24 hours a day bringing you unique programming. We only ask for your financial assistance once a year; 60 percent of our budget comes from listener contributions, and the funds are used to upgrade the equipment and bring you the best sound. If you tune in online--from anywhere in the world!--this feature is a direct result of the WRUW Telethon. Please donate now, and thank you for your support!  

Live from Cleveland is Cleveland's premiere live music show. We have been brining live music to Cleveland’s airwaves on Thursday nights for over 25 years. This year we are asking for your donations to help us continue to improve the music we bring to you! Previous Telethons have allowed us to broadcast remotely from the Cleveland Museum of Art, Transformer Station, and Mahall’s 20 Lanes. We’ve upgraded our sound mixing board and audio inputs, started our very own Youtube channel, and added much more excitement to the show in just the past year.

Bands and artists that have played on WRUW's Live From Cleveland in the last year alone include: 

Ray Flanagan, Bre Vibez, Tim Moon, John Ones + Friends, Fascinating, Christopher Black, Poro, Slugfest, Dad Shorts, Key To The Mint, MuAmin Collective, The Modern Electric, Hamilton Handshake, Ouster, Meg & The Magnetosphere, Time Cat, R the Czar, Punch Drunk Tagalongs, The Katy, Actual Trains, The Mason District, Fake Species, The High Definitions, Heavenly Creatures, Throw Shade, Ex-Astronaut, Noon, Burnin Loins, birth, Packwolf, The Elephants, Elegie, Tufted Puffins, Walker OG... and we've even hosted our very own Comedy Night hosted by Wilson Rivera!  

(You can watch all of these performances archived on our Youtube Channel @ Wruw-FM)

We love bringing live & local music to your living room, car, or place of work every Thursday night. Donating allows us to continue to do what we love, so please make a donation and have a great day!

Hi listeners! 

One again, it is time for the annual WRUW telethon. Maximum Consumption celebrates our 10 year anniversary this year and we are hoping to have our best telethon yet. The telethon raises 50% of the operating budget for WRUW, and helps pay for things like Studio-A-Rama, buying new music, and updating and replacing broadcasting equipment.
As you know, Maximum Consumption underwent some renovation this year - Jen has moved to part-time co-host, and Christine has come onboard and brought with her a lot of great ideas and awesome conversation. We are still focused on bringing you important and not-as-important information on gardening, restaurants, cooking, and a bunch of thing that have nothing at all to do with food.
If you listen to the show, you know that we appreciate our listeners. It makes us really happy when someone says "hey! I heard you on the show talking about..." or when we can give advice to people that they will actually put to good use. If you are one of those lucky, lucky people that gets to hear Maximum Consumption every week, AWESOME. Thank you for listening. Perhaps you will consider opening your heart and wallet and donating to show your support for what we do. Remember, we are all volunteers at the station, so we do this out of love for independent radio and love you for you!!
Our telethon show is Tuesday, April 18th, from 5-7pm. If you call 216-368-2208 during the show tomorrow we will have several "Maximum Consumption only" premiums available, including gift certificates to Melt, the Happy Dog, and the Tea Lab in Lakewood. But please feel free to donate any time!
Thank you so much for your support. It feels great to know that people enjoy what we do.
The ladies of Maximum Consumption

Greetings, fans of classical music that's not for your Grandmother. This week is our annual telethon at WRUW, the one time of year where we raise funds through listener donations to help our station thrive and continue to bring you great content. Won't you please contribute? Show how much you appreciate this radio program and the unpredictable, informative classical format of "Not Your Grandmother's Classical Music." Thanks, and keep listening!

It's Telethon time, which means its time to support your your favorite local radio station, WRUW FM.  Your donations help support this station's unique and quality programming, like my show, Off the Wall, airing every Wednesday morning from 2 am - 4 am and providing you a mix of rock music, old and new.  

As someone on whom music has had a profound impact, college radio is one of the most valuable experiences I've had. Donations to Telethon help us keep improving and growing to make the WRUW experience optimal for both programmers and listeners.

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Hey guys!

It's that time a year again! WRUW FM 91.1 Cleveland is hosting its annual Telethon fundraising event. Telethon is the one week each year where we ask our listeners, and friends, and coworkers, and grandmas to donate to the wonderful non-profit, non-commercial radio station that is WRUW.

The funds raised over this one week of the year account for over 60% of our annual operating budget!

My personal goal is $1000 of the $65,000 station goal!

Radio Child airs every Saturday (technically Sunday) night from Midnight to 2am. I have given up my Saturday nights for the last 4 years to bring the lovely sounds of metal music to your ear holes. There are countless reasons to donate:

-you like metal music

-you like my show

-you're one of the drunk guys that call in every Saturday and hit on me and this is your way of saying "Sorry"

-you are grateful for the opportunity to support non-commerical radio, varied programming, people who care deeply about the music and content they present to you each week, the station that gives you concert tickets, Studio-A-Rama, and more!

-you want a really cool jacket

Any and all reasons are acceptable. WRUW is completely volunteer ran so all of the money goes directly back into the station, be it through new music, equipment or the live stream. We will say "Thank You!" for your donations with some really cool stuff, including music, glassware and clothing items. Click the donate button in the upper right corner to learn more!

Rock on \m/

Radio Italia of Cleveland!

It's time for our 2017 Telethon!

Help support college radio and your favorite riot grrrl music!  WRUW is having their annual Telethon NOW!  April 17-23! Donate $100 and spend an hour spinning your favorite riot grrrl tunes with riot grrrl any Thursday morning from 5-7 AM of your choice this summer!  Or choose from a wide selection of WRUW gear and music promos. 

Call 216.368.2208 starting midnight Sunday, April 16 or go online at  You can support your favorite programmers and music genres.  Call today!

The 2017 WRUW Telethon is running through Sunday, April 23rd, and the "Solitude/Born To Lose" Telethon show will be live on Thursday, April 20th from 11 PM until 1 AM. This year's Telethon is extra-special because it is taking place during the year-long WRUW 50th Anniversary celebration. On Sunday, February 26th, 2017, WRUW celebrated its 50th birthday. As a way of commemorating this milestone for WRUW, we ask you to donate $50 to our show during this year's Telethon. Or double that amount and get yourself an hour of air time on either show over the summer! There are plenty of premiums to choose from as thank you gifts, so what are you waiting for? Make that pledge of support right now for quality radio programming in Cleveland, especially late-night Thursdays, and help us meet (or exceed) our show fundraising goal. Do it for us, do it for Lemmy, do it for the love of Rock 'N' Roll!!

As you might be aware, it's rare to hear showtunes on the radio outside of New York City.  

Here in Cleveland, Sunday Matinee has been running for over 31 years.  At one show a week, that's over 1,500 performances!  How have we been able to run so long? 

Thanks to you and our other listeners who support this show and the station that makes it possible.  

Think about it ... when the touring productions of Fun Home ... Something Rotten ... an American in Paris ... Waitress ... and Hamilton pass through Northeast Ohio ... where else are you able to hear music from the show before it arrives?  

On Sunday Matinee!

When you hear there's a new musical on (or off) Broadway that's generating a lot of buzz ... where are you able to hear music from the show?  

On Sunday Matinee!

When a local community theater is doing the Ohio premiere for a musical you haven't heard of ... where are you able to request a song from the show?  

On Sunday Matinee!

Each week, we play "the best, the worst and everything in-between, from Broadway, Hollywood and London", and help you "go to the theater, without leaving your home".

We play the showtunes and soundtracks you love to lift your spirits ... make you smile ... and give you entertainment to dance and sing along with while you do your Sunday chores.

The week of April 17 to April 23 is important to us here at Sunday Matinee and WRUW.  It's our once-a-year effort to raise money to keep WRUW going and growing throughout the year.  Your support makes up an important 60% of our budget, and we use your donations to buy new music for the station and equipment that makes that music sound great.  

That's really important to a show like Sunday Matinee. "Showtunes" isn't a well-known or popular music category nationwide, so we have to BUY most of our theater recordings.  

Since last year's fundraiser, we've purchased a large number of showtunes and soundtracks to fill in the gaps in our collection.  That means you can hear a wider range of songs on the show each week.  All of those new recordings have been digitized, so I can access them at my fingertips when you call in requests.    

We've also upgraded our air signal with new signal processing equipment.  You can probably hear that WRUW sounds "different, in a good way" compared to earlier in April.  Some people have described it as "brighter", "louder" and "richer".  You can almost pick out individual instruments in the music now!  

All of this (and much, much more) was done with your support last year.  

Now's your chance to help us grow and improve throughout 2017!  

My 2017 goal for Sunday Matinee is to raise $2,500!

You can help!  Call us this week at 216-368-2208, or donate on this page right now!  

You'll be helping us to "keep singing and dancing" through the next year!  

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your support!

David Caban
Producer/Host of "Sunday Matinee"


Please consider donating to Sunny Day, my freeform show on WRUW! It might not always be sunny outside in Cleveland, but there will always sunshiney music during my show! :)

Greetings, delightful radio audience!

Long-time listeners of Sweet & Lowdown will know that I delight in bringing all sorts of music to the airwaves of Cleveland (and to the virtual airwaves of the entire world online), from classic jazz and early American popular music in the first hour, to everything else in the second hour. I can state with some degree of confidence that I am the only person broadcasting artists like Joe Venuti's Blue Four, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Brian Dewan, or Jim Noir in the city, if not in the entire state, and college radio needs your support to maintain its eclecticism and independence.

“Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

(Pic from here:

Help support The '59 Sound, WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland and college radio by donating between April 17-23!

Every dollar donated goes directly to improving the programming you hear, the community that you are a part of, and the station that you love.

Joining me on air April 20 will be The Commonwealth, who will premier their new record "The Victory Garden" for the first time live on air.


Hey loyal listeners, it's that time of year again to support your favorite local radio station and your favorite indie rock radio show! Of course I am talking about WRUW FM's annual telethon and the Cream of Broccoli Radio Hour! Tune in for a very special broadcast on April 23rd when we will be asking for your financial support. But you don't have to wait until April 23rd to support indie rock radio on WRUW. You can show your support today via this page! Please help me hit my fundraising goal and support the most awesome radio station in Cleveland in the process. We'll thank you with some great 50th anniversary WRUW gear and other WRUW branded items. Please show your financial support for quality locally produced radio today!

It's Telethon Time!

Please help support WRUW during our annual (yes, just once per year) fundraiser! You'll be joining hundreds (but not thousands) of other lovers of great radio programming.  At WRUW, our programming is specialized.  Our audiences are limited.  So you can't just assume that "others" will take up the slack - there simply aren't enough "others"!  If you enjoy the broad mix of roots music that I play on The Music Gallery each week, this is your one opportunity to show your support.  We won't ask again for a full twelve months!

60% of our budget comes from this one week of fundraising.  The other 40% comes from the University.  That 40% covers just the most basic needs - keeping the lights on, for example.  But everything else that we do is funded by YOU, our listening audience!  Our staff is unpaid, so we get by on a budget that would be laughable at any commercial or NPR station.  In other words, your donation goes a long way!  It lets us acquire the music that you love.  It lets us repair and/or replace failing equipment.  And it lets us improve the quality of the signal that you enjoy - whether you listen on the FM dial or via our webcast.

Won't you please make your donation now?  Thank you!




Support WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland, your favorite independent radio station. 365 days of the year, 24/7, volunteers work to bring you the listening experience you can't find anywhere else on the dial. Kick off this year's Telethon with a trip on the Scenic Route (these dogs love it!) - with your help we can make this the biggest year of donations yet. Don't wait!!

The Woodchopper's Ball needs your support!


Dear listeners, it's Telethon week! WRUW-FM 91.1 has been on the air for 50 years! And VOICES AND CHOICES radio show is celebrating 15(!) years, programming your local, national, and international feminist news with music. Please consider donating to WRUW-FM 91.1 to show your support -- that broadcasting freely matters, and a show about justice and human rights has value -- in this political climate and always. Thank you! 
-Kristen, Steph, and Dot (your V&C crew)

It's time once again for WRUW's annual fundraising telethon, the one time of the year where we ask you to show your financial support for the work we do to musically and culturally enrich your life and your listening pleasure. 

As thanks for your support, we have a wide array of lovely premiums (which you can see once clicking the "Donate" button), from WRUW logo items and clothing to a vast assortment of cds and, for the musically adventurous among you, multiple-cd "exploration packs."

ALSO available to you for a generous $100 donation to my show, you can choose to come down to the station sometime in the coming year and PROGRAM AN HOUR of music on the WHAT YOU NEED radio program! Imagine the mountainous heaps of fun you could have with that, getting a taste of the radio life, and imposing your own musical tastes upon the world at large! And for only $100? Believe me, the experience is priceless

So call in during my show, 11pm to 1am Monday, April 17, or just hit the DONATE button on this here page at any time, and let the love flow from your bank account into your ears, filtered through the irreplaceable airwaves of WRUW!


- Jeff

PS: You can see a full listing of our WRUW promo/logo items after you click the "Donate" button, but it does not list the cds which you can choose as premiums there. That's because you have to call in to ask for those. We do have a very long list of cds at the station, but here are a few that I can recommend from the larger list -- but hurry, quantities are limited, and I can't guarantee they'll be available much after my show airs Monday night:

Tinariwen - Elwan

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, Balázs Pándi, Thurston Moore - Cuts Of Guilt, Cuts Deeper

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Must Be Free

The Robert Bensick Band - French Pictures In London

Buzzcocks - Sprial Scratch / Time's Up

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

Ray Davies - Ray Americana

Mark Eitzel - Hey Mr. Ferryman

The Gotobeds - The Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic

Sly and the Family Stone - Higher!

Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad

Tin Huey - Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes

Giorgio Moroder - Deja-M