Chasing Infinity 2021 Telethon

Hello! You’ve found the Chasing Infinity 2021 Telethon donation page! You know, we didn’t have a telethon in 2020. You know the reason. So we’re kind of a year behind around here. But I know it’s been a tough year for almost everybody. And you’ve been asked and probably responded to donating for causes during the last 12 months far more critical than a community radio station. We’re just hoping you value our little radio community (which you are a HUGE part of) and maybe have a little leftover to donate for WRUW. Our premiums this year are pretty cool, so maybe donate and pick one out. We appreciate you greatly, and hope, after the hell we’ve all been though, that you still have a little room to appreciate us too. THANK YOU!


Donate to the station without receiving any premiums. Thank you for your support!

2021 Zippered Hoodie

This year’s hoodie design. Now with a zipper!

2021 T-Shirt

Get the 2021 limited edition telethon t-shirt!

2021 Cat Shirt

WRUW. It’s the cat’s meow.

2021 Baseball Tee

Cover 3/4 of your arms!

2021 T-Shirt 3.5 Pack

Get this year’s three exclusive designs! Plus a bonus shirt while supplies last


New for this year, socks! They’re for your feet.

Face mask

Wear a mask. Save lives.


The 2021 edition beanie, complete with pom.

Pint Glass

A classic, the WRUW pint glass. Beer not included, this year.

Tiki Glass

Due to popular demand, the tiki glass is back!

Metal Tumbler

Great for keeping your coffee warm on your daily commute from your bed to your desk.


It’s a mug. For hot beverages.


The WRUW lunchbox. You can store food in it.