Cat Fight

Cat Fight is back for an awesome second year, and you know what that means – a second year of Telethon!

Did you know that, every week, when I’m planning my playlists, I delve into a massive library of thousands of CDs, records, MP3s, and cassettes in search of music? It’s every DJ’s dream!

Such a remarkable music collection would not be possible without the continued contributions of WRUW’s listeners. This is the one time a year that we ask you, our listeners, for help in continuing this station and everything wonderful it does – from live weekly performances and insightful public affairs shows to Studio-a-rama and other community events. Without WRUW, you wouldn’t have the option to listen to cat-themed radio programs showcasing women in rock!

This year, I’m setting the ambitious fundraising goal of $500 – I hope that, together with my listeners, we can meet or even surpass this goal. This year, WRUW is offering a wide range of premiums as thanks for your donation (check out those t shirts!) and I am currently in the process of securing some CD premiums, hand selected by me, of some of my favorite recent albums of women in rock. So please donate, wear our station swag with pride, and I can guarantee that everyone will know that you’re one cool cat! ♫

Update: I have surpassed my $500 goal… and it isn’t even showtime yet! As a result, I’m raising my goal to $1000. Let’s do this, people!

A rare picture of your favorite feisty feline struggling (as usual) to get the turntables prepped and ready in time for the broadcast.